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CG HAENEL The CG Haenel/Haenel Defence is the another competitor in SSB program. Their MK 556 assault rifle is based on short-stroke gas piston commercial CR 223, which is a modified Caracal CAR 806 from Abu Dhabi. Long story short: both Caracal and CG Haenel are owned by Tewazun from UAE. Unfortunately, the MK 556 wasn't here, just the commercial rifle, but it should be noticed that Haenel strongly highlight that they were the first company to give the world a true assault rifle – the Maschinen- karabiner Mkb 42 (H) which later become a legendary Sturmgewehr. The trade show was a place of debut of 7.62 NATO CR 308 rifle with fully ambidextrous switches and levers, including the bolt release lever. The fire control group might have 45 deg, 60 deg or 90 deg set up, depending on requirements. CR 308 comes with cold-forged 14.5", 15.5", 18" and 20" barrels, two stage gas regulator and quick-changeable handguard with KeyMod slots. An interesting piece at CG Haenel booth was .338 Lapua Magnum G29 sniper rifle, the Haenel RS9 adopted by German Bunde- swehr in 2016, in Haenel/German Gunwerks G29 Viper version with Steiner M5Xi 5-25x56 optics. The standard RAL8000 color was replaced with Cerakoted camouflage pattern. SIG SAUER The latest pistol from SIG Sauer, the 9 mm Parabellum P365 sub-compact, was also present in Nuremberg. What makes it standing out of the crowd are compact size and 10 rounds magazines (12 rounds magazines are available as an option). This striker-fire pistol was built as a concealed carry firearm and the overall weight is just 500 grams. Interesting fact: the P365 was initially a gun for US market only, but the scale of orders from Europe forced the SIG Sauer to rethink its strategy. Except the P365, almost a complete portfolio of SIG Sauer was shown, including pistols, rifles, suppressors, electro- -optics, ammunition. The core was P320 family and MHS program winners, the M17 and M18 pistols. Another huge success of P320 (in X-Carry variant) as a contract awarded by Danish Armed Forces, where it will replace the P210 pi- stols, also from SIG.

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