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Charging Shash! I don't think there's a point to write what Leatherman's multitool is. If you don't know what is it that we're talking about here, you must have come across this article by chance (seriously?) or you've spent the last 20 years living under a rock. But for those of you for whom it doesn't ring a bell – it's a combination of a knife and pliers, and Charge is a better crafted Leatherman Wave. Premium or Pro ver- sion, if you may. I used the classic Wave for 10 years, taking it with me virtually wherever possible – if you fly only with your hand lug- gage, it must stay at home, though. Since Tim Leatherman himself autographed my old Wave, I had to give up using it – it would be stupid to lose it or leave it somewhere (and it was very close once). And so, in February 2018, a new, improved Charge+ got into my hands. How is it different from the previous Charge except for the exchangeable wire cutters in the pliers' jaws? I think there's no dif- ference apart from that. I find the anodized aluminum cladding with rough surface a big difference compared to the old Wave, as it im- proves the grip during work, especially when you had wet or sweaty hands. Aluminum still remains cold in winter, so you've got to wear gloves when it's really cold. In addition to the cladding, the differ- ence is in adding another tool, the cutting hook, to give a total of 19 tools in one. Quite a lot. You will probably never use some of them, but it's better to have them than not to have them. Charge+ has been my everyday companion since February – it has proven useful many times when I needed to tighten or loosen screws in a cabinet, mount some lighting elements, cut a cardboard package or a rope, remove or bend nails or some sharp edges, ad- just the bike, knock out a pin in a rifle, remove the insulation layer from cables, open a beer or a can, trim and file my nails (you bet!), or even take measurements as there are rulers (inch and metric) on the edges of the tool – and it's common knowledge that it's better to be precise with measurements. As Staff Sergeant Sykes used to say in Jarhead: You take what you know and then you multiply. Please don't use your dicks. They're too small and I can't count that high… The only things missing are a USB-C port and a Wi-Fi module. In general, I take Charge+ for every trip with me because you never know if you need it.. A great addition is a set of interchangeable bits, which is provided in a nylon sleeve along with the tool. You don't have to worry about some popular bits missing. What is the disadvantage of the tool? It's weight. 235 grams is already quite noticeable, so you either carry the tool in your waist bag/backpack or in a cover on your waist. I do not recommend carrying it in the pocket, as it is totally uncom- fortable. The tool should be cleaned from time to time because it is quite a complex device and if sand particles get inside, it starts to grit and jam. It must be thoroughly cleaned, dried, and greased, and it will probably last you longer than the manufacturer's warranty, which is over than 25 years. EQUIPMENT

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