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On 28 May, there was a session at the National Appeals Chamber devoted to the appeal lodged by Airbus Helicopters against the conduct of the Police Headquarters concerning the purchase of two S-70i Black Hawk International without tender. The final verdict of the Appeals Chamber was in favor of the Contracting Authority, as the Chamber decided to reject the appeal pursuant to Article 189, section 2, item 3 of the Public Procurement Law – "The appeal was filed after the deadline specified in the Act". This in turn opened the way for the signature of the contract, which was concluded on 30 May and amounted to a total gross value of PLN 142.6 million – it was not informed what the entire package, including the rotorcraft, contained. Deliveries will be finished by the end of the year – in addition to supporting the activities of the Bureau of Counter-Terrorism, other services will be able to provide the supplies, provided that the contract provides for installation of additional equipment in the form of a winch or a hoist hook to transfer the basket for fire-fighting agents – unfortunately, the abovementioned questions have not been answered so far. The two S-70i Black Hawk International police will be the first of the S-70 family to be operated in Europe by law enforcement. So far, they have been used in this role, in the United States, Mexico, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. A few years ago, the Hong Kong withdrew their S-70s, and a growing group of companies have been offering their UH-60s (from US Army equipment surpluses) for government use, such as in Australia and South Africa.

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