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MGS25 S erbian Yugoimport 155 mm MGS25 Aleksandar K2 wheeled self-propelled howitzer designed by VTI (Military Technical Institute) from Belgrad. It is based on NORA-52 howitzer, but the chassis is Russain KamAZ-6560 8x8. The MGS25 features brand new automatic loading systems and and has 12 additional rounds that are stored in a storage box located at back after the crew cabin and engine-hydraulic compartment. NORA B-52 S erbian Yugoimport 155 mm NORA B-52 self-propelled howitzer which was base for MGS25. The 4th generation of NORA is known as K1 and has enclosed turret module and fire control system with navigation and radar on barrel for measuring projectile trajectory and speed. SUMADIJA S erbian Yugoimport Sumadija MLRS designed by VTI. Variant with four 400 mm Jerina 1 rockets with declared range of 285 km and inertial/GPS navigation system placed in separate launchers-containers. The Sumadija MLRS cab be also fitted with two containers with total of 12 262 mm Jerina 2 rockets with range up to 75 km.

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