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BM-21MT E xcalibur Army BM-21T is the latest iteration of the multiple rocket launcher offered by Czech company. Upgraded 40-tube launcher was installed on Tata T815-7 4x4 truck. BM-21T features new launcher control system and fire control system which can be remotely operated. EIMOS E xpal EIMOS truck-mounted integrated mortar system can be armed with either 81 mm standard long-range mortar or 60 mm mortar, which can be interchanged within three minutes. The 81 mm mortar has hydropneumatics recoil suppression system. This version of EIMOS was fitted with TECHFIRE fire control system and two SHEPHERD-MIL an autonomous aerial, silent, prey bird-shaped reconnaissance device. The EIMOS is based on URO VAM- TAC 4x4 all-terrain vehicle and is currently developed for the request of Spanish armed forces. SKYRANGER R heinmetall Defence unveiled a techno- logy demonstrator of Skyranger mo- bile ground based air defense system on ARDEC Boxer multi-role armoured vehicle chassis. The vehicle was armed with 35 mm Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk.3 cannon in Oerlikon Contraves Skyranger turret mo- dule. The fire control system consists of X-band tracking radar and Skymaster battle management system with optoelectronic payload. Boxer Skyranger is offered for Ger- man Bundeswehr looking for new C-RAM system for short and very-short range air defense system NNbS (Nah- und Nächstbe- reichsschutz). TRADE SHOW

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