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STORY/PHOTO: B A RTO S Z S ZO Ł U C H A , FR A G O U T ! W here growing popularity of PCC firearms comes from? First, of course, is money. In times when everybody tries to save a buck or two, the single 9 mm round cost a lot less than .223 or 7.62x39. Second, this is a perfect way to have something bigger than a pistol, a semi-auto version of the most popular subma- chineguns. Back in the days, most popular firearms in that category were semi-auto German HK MP-5 or Israeli Uzi. Now, CZ Scorpion EVO 3 or SIG Sauer MPX are the thing, but recently people are more often look- ing for 9 mm AR-15 clones. First AR- style firearm chambered in 9 mm was Colt SMG from 1980's. It was fed from then industry standard Uzi SMG 32 round magazines, but it did not draw too much attention. In that time, absolute shining star and "must have" was MP-5, famous af- ter Operation Nimrod, hostage res- cue operation of Iranian embassy in London. 9 mm AR had to wait for its time. Angstadt Arms in this part of globe is still less know company from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, but since 2015 they micro-sized 9 mm and .45 ACP AR-style guns. Their 9 mm weapons are fed not from not-compatible-with-any- thing-else magazines, but from standard Glock 17 magazines, that are available literally everywhere and are dirt cheap. Firearms market is stuffed with whole array of them, starting from original Glock's (that are recommended by Angstadt), Magpul's, ETS, Korean 50 rounds drums and whatever can be found in the closet. If someone owns a Glock, now he has two fire- arms fed from same magazines. Company is young, but its owner, Rich Angstadt, was in firearms in- dustry for years. The Angstadt fam- ily is pretty known in the south-east states of USA since it was making Kentucky (or Pennsylvania) Long Ri- fles in 18th and 19th century! Whole thing with UDP-9 begins with idea to create a reliable AR in 9 mm fed from the most popular magazines on the planet, the Glock ones. The main purpose of that fire- arm was supposed to be mainly for personal protection of citizens, es- pecially for times of incoming Apoc- alypse or falloff the government. Yeah, typical American marketing story for SHTF time. It is easier to fight when you have multiple weap- ons that all run on same magazines. RECENTLY, PISTOL CALIBER CARBINES OR PCCS IN SHOR POPULARITY IS RAPIDLY GROWING. ONE OF THE MOST INTERESTING DESIGNS FROM THAT CATEGORY IS UDP- 9 AND ITS UBER-COOL JACK9 VARIANT FROM ANGSTADT ARMS COMPANY FROM CHARLOTTE, NC, USA. FIREARMS

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