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w którym zastosowano komorę spustową wyprodukowaną przez Sharps Bros, z charakterystycznym gniazdem magazynka, któremu za pomocą precyzyjnej obróbki nadano kształt czaszki. Jack9 wygląda po prostu niesamowicie, zwłaszcza gdy czaszka jest dodatkowo pom- alowana. Broń stanowi modyfikac- ję projektu The Jack, czyli komory spustowej z czaszką przeznaczoną do AR-15, w którym górna szczęka czaszki służy za rozszerzony mag- well. Oprócz, czaszek Sharps Bros ma jeszcze w ofercie kilka innych, równie ciekawych wzorów wyko- ńczenia gniazda magazynka. KONSTRUKCJA Skoro Jack9 i UDP-9 oparte są At least this is what the company is saying. The compact size of the UDP-9 makes it ideal for home de- fense, security detail, law enforce- ment and anywhere space is at a premium. From that assumptions UDP-9 was born. A pretty slick shooting platform firmly build and available in few versions with dif- ferent barrel lengths plus some variants compliant with various US state regulations. The Jack9 is a collaboration be- tween Angstadt Arms and Sharps Bros. custom workshop offering unique lower receiver with maga- zine well that by the power of CNC machining was turned into the shape of skull! Jack9 looks simply amazing, especially when the gun is custom painted or coated. Jack9 is the modification of Sharps Bros. "The Jack" lower receiver with the skull designed for AR-15 where up- per jaw serves as flared magwell. DESIGN Both Jack9 and UDP-9 are based on proven AR-15 layout with lower and upper receivers made from bil- let 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum with black hard coat anodizing, off course reduced here and there and made just a bit simpler. Those two parts are joint by two pins. Just by the first look we can notice lack of characteristic forward assist and dust cover – Angstadt call it slick slide upper. At the top of the upper receiver there is continuous Picatinny rail for sights and just below it, so well- known from AR-15 rifles, T-shaped charging handle. Nothing unusual here. Lower receiver has distinct narrow magazine well that entry was flared to make reloads easier and faster. Just behind the mag well on the right side there is fenced magazine release button. The small fence prevents unwanted magazine release. Button itself is connected to lever that goes into notch in the side of Glock maga- zines. On the left there is a bolt re- lease lever. Angstadt Arms UDP-9 family is closed bolt firing, blowback operated gun so there is no Stoner's gas tube, gas block or gas key so number of parts that can fail is greatly reduced. After last round bolt is locked to the rear. Trigger guard is oversized for shooting in gloves If someone don't like standard MIL-SPEC trigger, it can be simply changed to any oth- er as the UDP-9 is compatible with almost all AR triggers as they share an exact same design. Chrome-moly Melonite-coated barrel has chromed bore and 1:10 twist. Muzzle end is 1/2x36 thread- ed with comes with 4150 steel muz- zle device which can be unscrewed off and replaced with suppressor. The UDP—9 hand guard is simple and lightweight, made aluminum al- loy rail. Depending on version it can be 5.5 or 13.5 inches long. It comes with Picatinny rail on 12 o'clock and seven rows of Magpul M-LOK slots at 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 11 o'clock that allows user to mount wide variety of accessories such as laser point- ers, lights, front grips, handstops or slings. UDP-9 and Jack9 comes with Magpul K2 polymer pistol grip that is more angled that standard A2 one.

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