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A range of initiatives has been planned on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of establishment of the Polish Police. One of them is to introduce a new service uni- form for the police. A uniform that refers to the tradition and ethos of the service of the police officers in the interwar period. Stoty by: Andrzej Chyliński Photo: Andrzej Chyliński, Piotr Maciejczak, Andrzej Mitura, Paweł Ostaszewski NAVY BLUE REVOLUTION: The new service uniform was presented first on 22 March 2019 in the Police General HQ of Poland's Bureau of History and Tradition of the Police. The invited media produced extensive accounts of the event, and the new uniform itself aroused great interest. The feature most commented on was its navy blue color. "We wish to pay homage to pre-war traditions" – says the head of the Department of Coordination of Quartermaster Administration at the Police Logistics Office, Lt Krzysztof Błesznowski. – The new duty uniform most associated with our services is navy blue, so it's quite obvious to us that all elements of the Polish Police's uniforms should be blue. That's why the duty uniform is navy blue as well. The entire uniform, without the blue-gray jacket with its origins in the times of the Citizens' Militia [Milicja Obywatelska in Polish]. We, paying tribute to pre-war traditions, have chosen this color to make our units differ from services who wear navy blue or dark blue uniforms. Today, the significance of duty uniform is not as it used to be because police officers do not wear white shirts, ties, and coats to work. That's why our duty uniform should be more 'festive', and to be such, it needs to be elegant, impart a sense of solemnity and dignity, command respect, and made from top-quality fabric. While working on the new duty uniform, we were considering two shades of navy blue – and we chose the more saturated one. The lighter one seemed too be similar to the uniforms worn by the Polish Air Force, the State Protection Service or the Prison Service. It was decided that the selected color combined with "old silver" buttons would be a unique mixture of colors, making the police service uniform easily distinguishable from the service clothing of other services.

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