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In the past we have published some stories about carrying your guns as CCW, but if you are military or LEO working in plain clothes, sometimes there are those operations where appendix-carried Glock 19 might be not enough, and you need something bigger. But how to conceal a long gun? There are different CCW backpacks available but reaching gun from the pack is never going to be fast and easy. There are those legendary Heckler & Koch MP-5K "Kurz" suitcases, but pretty old school and rare as hens' teeth. Or you can use the El Mariachi guitar case too. But when you have to blend in the crowd in business or financial district of modern city, where everybody has suit and briefcase or bag, you need something else. The Courier 15 messenger bag from Arc'teryx LEAF might be an answer for your needs. Story and photos by Frag Out! Team: MARCIN LOTKOWSKI, BARTOSZ SZOŁUCHA, MARCEL MITURA

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