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For starters, who are you and what do you do? Bruce: Owner and co-founder of Bruce Camp brand. Once a student of Polish Military Academy and graduate of Polish Film Stuntman School. REPs Level III certified personal trainer for 10 years. Boot Camp Polska and Kettlebell IKLF instructor. Head Coach in Bulls Workout in Poland, trains the trainers of this Italian cross-training method used by pro athletes around the globe. Co-founder of BCS, Bruce Camp Shooting. Tomek: Commercial aviation security expert and former 1.PSK special forces unit soldier (now the JWK). 20 years of experience in security. Self-defense and shooting instructor. Competition shooting referee, night shooting competition founder. Responsible for combat and self-defense shooting training. And co-founder of Bruce Camp Shooting. Why this kind of cross-functional and shooting training combo? Bruce: Since my earliest years, I was fascinated with military and shooting. My childhood was in "Commando" and "Rambo" action movies era. On Saturday nights, against my dad's, I was watching famous "Air Cavalry" (Polish documentary series from early 2000s about conscript service in air cav brigade). Sport was always played a big part of my life and when I'd applied for military academy, I hoped that this will be the ultimate place for me. But sometime after I was more than embarrassed when I saw how the shooting training was. For me, it was complete disaster. Somewhere during my trainee career I've met Tomek and that's how the idea to reboot my old hobbies was born. At that time, I already had some experience of how to prepare athletes and based on my experiences from military academy, we have started discussions how to build a training program which would properly prepare shooter in both shooting and fitness aspects. After year and half of our own trainings we were able to unveil the Bruce Camp Shooting program. Tomek: Looking back on my progress as a shooter, I've come to conclusion that shooting training must be supplemented with fitness training. I've repeated to my students that during the crisis situation, most probably, everything will spark from hand-to-hand combat, where the surprise effect, stress and adrenaline will be crucial. Shaking hands, disorientation, lack of breath, pain. Adding stress and exhaustion to my shooting training allows me to check how my body will react in extremes. I asked Bruce to develop a training program for me.

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