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a major load on the troops, thus solely fully automated, auton- omous and net-centric systems will be able to effectively carry out the missions. And systems of this type would be the only ones that could survive on the battlefield, especially when placed against an enemy who outnumbers own forces. The advantages and disadvantages of the individual designs can be listed above, with three-degrees scoring system (1- weakest, 3 - strongest). If the platform is excluded from the comparison (as the platform may come in any form) it seems that the systems are very much comparable. The advantages are in the details that emerge when one gets a closer look at the design, or at the available ammuni- tion. However, if one wanted to create an impartial assessment one may assume that Rak has a minor advantage over its com- petition, resulting from an advanced fire control system, better situational awareness and advanced 360-degrees observation system. One shall note that 21 2S31 Vena vehicles were made and they were not adopted by Russian Armed Forces and 18 AMOS vehicles are operated by FDF. Meanwhile 64 Rak self-pro- pelled mortars are used the Polish military and the order should be expanded up to 96, ultimately. Rak turret system is also "in the queue". More than a hundred turrets of this kind could be placed on the "Borsuk" next generation IFV. Category: 2S31 Vena AMOS Rak BMS/Fire control system rating 2 3 3 Direct-fire capability 3 2 3 Range 3 2 2 Accuracy at the distance of 8 kilometers, with the standard rounds 3 3 3 Explosive power of the HE rounds 3 2 1 PGMs suitable for attacking stationary targets 2 0 3 PGMs suitable for attacking moving targets 1 3 2 Available ammunition types, backwards compatibility included 3 1 1 Self-protection system 3 1 3 DPICM hit survivability 1 3 3 Ammunition stored inside the turret 3 1 2 Rounds stored in the vehicle 3 2 1 Realistic rate of fire, high elevation 1 3 3 Realistic rate of fire, low elevation 2 3 2 Support system for the mortars 1 2 3 TOTAL: 33 points 31 points 35 points VEHICLES

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