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But how combat controllers get to the LZ before it becomes the landing zone? They are air-dropped or fastroped from helos. This means that these guys must be fully- -fledged operators but with additional specialty skills, same as their counterparts from USAF Special Tactics. Polish CCTs training is conducted in Polish Air Force University in Dęblin, but graduates are not awarded a civilian aviation certificate. In United States it's quite opposite as CCT's are certified as air traffic controllers by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Most of the real-life trainings of NIL CCT's are conducted with Polish 3rd Transport Aviation Wing, but every year they conduct some training opera- tions with US Air Force 352nd Special Operations Wing units based in RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk, England, mostly with 7th Special Operations Squadron operating CV-22B Osprey tiltrotors. Couple months ago, NIL Combat Control Teams were conducting day and night training operations with Ospreys, setting up LZ's somewhere in southern Poland. The unique combat experience gained by USAF crews in GWOT (Ospreys are combat deployed since 2007) is now shared with Polish SOF to increase interallied cooperation capabilities whenever and wherever they might be required in the future. Bartek Bera REPORT

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