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STORY BY & PHOTOS: FRAG OUT! TEAM SO, YOU OWN A LARGE DEFENSE COMPANY CARRYING FIREARMS AND OTHER PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS FOR MILITARY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT? THERE ARE MULTIPLE NEW PRODUCTS YOU COULD EXHIBIT DURING TRADE SHOW, BUT DOES IT REALLY HELP TO CATCH THE INTEREST OF END USER? W hat definitely might bring their attention is real-life experience on the range. Bring the end users for a big demo and let them play! Get some industry media on board to make some buzz around it. UMO Live Fire Days 2019 was organized by a Polish UMO company - respected dealer of multiple brands and products for military and law enforcement services to mention Taser, Aimpoint, Cetanex and more. U MO Live Fire Days 2019 wasa two-day event split into law enforcement (Day 1) and military (Day 2). Basically, most of the systems in place were the same, but on Day 2 there were definitely more products for military users. The scenario for each day was similar: a short briefing by CEO Mr. Arkadiusz Szuba, demos and the live fire aka "fire when ready"

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