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phase. There were a couple demonstrations of equipment conduct- ed by manufacturers' representatives from Milkor, Beretta, Haenel or by the UMO crew. The most interesting part for all the visitors was definitely the third part, when 170 guests could familiarize them- selves with almost all of the products on the range. There were some exceptions like the Profense M134P minigun or Ohio Ordnance .50 cal M2 and M2A1 heavy machine guns. TOOLS OF TRADE There were 7 pistols, 6 shotguns, 12 assault rifles, 3 grenade launch- ers, 6 sniper rifles and 7 types of machine guns available during the UMO Live Fire Days 2019 ✪ 9 mm Beretta APX with Aimpoint ACRO P-1 sight ✪ 9 mm Beretta APX pistol ✪ 9 mm Beretta APX Compact pistol ✪ 9 mm Beretta APX Centurion pistol ✪ 12ga Benelli M3 shotgun ✪ 12ga Benelli M4-A1 shotgun ✪ 12ga Benelli Nova shotgun ✪ 12ga Beretta 1301 shotgun ✪ 5.56 Beretta ARX 160 A3 assault rifle ✪ 5.56 Haenel CR223 assault rifle ✪ .300 BLK Haenel CR300 assault rifle ✪ 40 mm Milkor SuperSix grenade launcher ✪ 40 mm Milkor Stopper Convertible grenade launcher ✪ 40 mm Milkor UGL grenade launcher ✪ 84 mm Carl-Gustaf M3 with Aimpoint FCS13-RE Dynamic Universal Reflex Sight (unfortunately, just static demo) ✪ .50 BMG Victrix Corvus sniper rifle ✪ .308 Win Haenel RS8 Subsonic suppressed sniper rifle ✪ .308 Win Haenel RS8 sniper rifle ✪ .338 Lapua Haenel RS9 sniper rifle ✪ 7.62 Profense PF 134 minigun ✪ 7.62 Ohio Ordnance OOW240 GPMG ✪ 5.56 Ohio Ordnance OOW249 SAW ✪ .50 BMG Ohio Ordnance M2 ✪ .50 BMG Ohio Ordnance M2A1 Carl-Gustaf M3 and Ohio Ordnance OOW240 and OOW249 machine guns were presented only during Day 2. Also, exclusive for Day 2 was a demo of CBC Defense tracer rounds in both VIS and NIR versions conducted just after the sundown. The tracer rounds demo was transmitted live through the FLIR Black Hornet nano-class UAS, as recently delivered by UMO to a Polish SOF unit. The "gun menu" was huge, and the lines were kind of short as there were multiple lanes available. On every lane there were UMO and manufacturers reps available, responsible for safety of visitors and capable of answering all the questions related to the products. REPORT

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