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One of the top visiting points were the lanes with .308, .338 and .50 cal sniper rifles. The rifles were equipped with Nightforce Optics sights in different versions and shooting targets on 300 to 800 meters was basically a walk in the park. Shooting the tiny metal targets at 300, 450 and even 600 meters away with Haenel RS8 and RS9 didn't require much of skill. Rifles are really well made and user friendly. There is not much recoils as the rifles are equipped with effective muzzle devices. .50 BMG Victrix Corvus was a different animal but also very steady during shooting, with se- lectable dual or single-stage adjustable match trigger sending .50 cal rounds to targets 800 meters away was pure pleasure. The extremely effective muzzle devic- es magically decrease the recoil forces and the only blast you could feel was di- rectly on the side of muzzle. Another category were the assault rifles. Visitors could familiarize with 5.56 Haenel CR223-A1 and .300BLK CR300, the latter shown in Poland for the first time. Both of rifles had Aim- point Com- pM5 red dot sights and 3x magnifi- ers attached to the top rails. Haenel AR's are compact and ergonomic firearms, fully ambidextrous and as reliable and accurate as the well-known HK416A5. Some shooters shared their feedback stating that the gun is lighter and better balanced than its main competitor. The .300 BLK Haenel CR300 was the hero of the day. The Blackout ammunition is getting more and more popular in global SOF, including Poland, as it has the ability to cycle both super and subsonic ammunition without modification and its strengths shine with short barreled rifles and silencers and when barrier penetration might be need- ed. The .300 BLK rounds does not require significant changes to the weapon itself. CR300 was absolutely no different than the 5.56 CR223 during shooting. Except the different caliber and obvious internal changes, both rifles share same fully ambidextrous layout. The interest in CR300 was huge and couple

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