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hundreds of empty casings of MEN .300 AAC BLK LFI (Lead Free Indoor) ammunitions laying around were best proof of that. Another assault rifle on stage was the latest iteration of Italian Beretta ARX 160, the ARX 160 A3. More details about that rifle and feedback from our visit the shooting range with it were published in the FRAG OUT! MAGAZINE #25 archive issue available online at 7.62 Profense PF 134 six-barrel rotatory machine gun is a mod- ern approach to the concept of the famous Minigun. The PF 134 has redesigned barrel housing with an added heat shroud and digital gun control unit (GCU) that allows the user to select either a 1,500 RPM without QD barrel, but including an enlarged heat shroud and a higher ROF. "Ma Deuce" is always impressive and you really don't want to be on the other side of the barrel. Ohio Ordnance was also displaying their variants of the 5.56 M249 and 7.62 M240 machine guns. Belt-fed OOW240 GPMG is based on the US military M240B vari- ant of Belgian FN MAG used by many countries. It's heavy, but incredibly reliable. It has a MIL-STD-1913 rail on top of receiver cover, where an Aimpoint CompM5 sight with mag- nifier was attached. Due to its weight, the OOW240 is easy or 3,000 RPM rate of fire. The gun features live ammunition con- trol, maintenance data collection and a solution that prevent it from falling into enemy hands. The PF 134 had an Aimpoint MPS3 reflex sight attached. BTW, Profense is also developing a 5.56 variant of Minigun. Only a selected few, apart from the manufacturers' reps, had a chance to put their fingers on the PF 134 triggers. The same was the case with the .50 cal heavy machine guns from Ohio Ord- nance. All machine guns were literally crushing, and wrecking sta- tionary target vehicles parked a couple hundred meters away. The M2 HMG was available in two versions: standard and i aircraft variant REPORT

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