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Writing about war is difficult. Even more difficult is to write about war that is only a hypothetical possibility, just like the futu- re conventional war in Europe. Scenarios of such a conflict have been considered since the end of World War II and till this day they have influenced the organization, training and equipment of military forces across our continent and beyond. Besides, most of the contemporary equip- ment results from analyses made during the Cold War. Soviet BMP-1 infantry fighting ve- hicle was supposed to be an offensive tool on flat European plains, with lots of rivers and channels – the territory of Germany and neighboring countries. That is why it was built as an amphibious vehicle. Famous A-10 Thunderbolt II was created as Soviet tanks kille, forming along with attack helicopters and artillery, a part of the multi-layer sys- tem that NATO intended to use against the mechanized aggression from the East. Those forces were to stop the Soviet Union from expanding its domain over European are- as that were rich in natural resources and highly-industrialized.

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