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STORY BY: FO! TEAM PHOTO: BARTEK BERA In 2000, to counter this growing problem, Polish Police established Centralne Biuro Śledcze (CBS, the Central Bu- reau of Investigation). It was merged from existing organized crime department (established in 1994) and drug enforce- ment department of Police General Headquarters (estab- lished in 1997). The idea of CBS concept might be also found in K 17 departments, formed just after 1989, later renamed to economic crime (white collar) departments and drug en- forcement departments. Almost every nations' police force has developed highly specialized agency or organization to combat or- ganized crime. After 1989, when Poland became democratic and capitalist country, an overall transforma- tion of political situation has begun. After the total collapse of Eastern block and centrally planned econo- my, local criminality started to grow and develop quickly. In early 1990s, the organized crime has entered the scene and was rapidly developing in more and more sectors of criminal business. CBŚP The Polish FBI

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