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Story and photos: Jarosław Wolski, FRAG OUT! ZSSW-30 turret is a pinnacle of performance in the area of armament development in Poland. The HSW-made product is a unique solution. No attempt has been ever made in the history of the Polish defense industry, during the post-war period, to domestically create a weapons system so sophisticated and complex. The second part of the article takes a closer look at the evolution of the fire control systems, using several turret solutions as an example. Then we would draw a comparison and analyze the Polish ZSSW-30 system separately. The evolution of the fire control systems and the individual components of those systems can be scrutinized, by having a closer look at four IFVs: Ulan, BMP-2, and its upgraded variants, CV90 and its derivatives and SPz Puma. ULAN The Austrian Ulan IFV (ASCOD program) is armed with a Mauser (now Rheinmetall) Mk 30-2 cannon with a two-sided feed system. The feed channel and the ammunition box on the right side of the gun can accommodate 120 MP-T rounds. The ammunition container on the left side, meanwhile, contains 80 APFSDS rounds. It takes 4 seconds to change the feed. The extra ammunition stored within the vehicle is 205 rounds. In total, 405 rounds are available at hand. The gun features a Curtiss Wright GmbH twin- axle electromechanical stabilizer, with accuracy at the level of 0.8 mrad. The speed at which the gun can move vertically ranges from 0.3 to 0.7 rad/s. The azimuthal turret drive is also an electromechanical one, with the rotation speed of up to 0.8 rad/s. In an emergency, the drives can be handled manually. The TFCS fire control system is based on Isreali parts. Some of the

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