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COMPM5 The Aimpoint CompM5 is a great mix of features of both the compact Micro series and the CompM4. Main change is the power source – the AA batteries used in the CompM4 were changed to more compact AAA. Thanks to the optimi- zation of the internal electronics of the ACET system, a wor- king time of 50,000 hours was achieved. Well, AA-powered CompM4 allowed for up to 80,000 hours but it was definitely bulkier. The new sight was shrinked: overall weight and dimensions are lower and the lens diameter was also changed from 23 mm in the CompM4 to 18 mm in the CompM5 (i.e. the same as in the Micro T-1/T-2). Let's call the CompM5 an AAA-powe- red child of the T-2 and CompM4. The lens and eyepiece are made of quality glass with a high degree of light transmission. Len- ses are anti-scratch and anti-fog coated. The coating also reduces the glare. Housing is made of a durable hard anodized aircraft- -grade aluminum in matte black. Sight is completely sealed off against the elements and is resistant to shocks, vibrations and immersion to a depth of 45 m. CompM5 mi- ght be used in temperatures ranging from -45 ° C to + 71 ° C. And as all the Aimpoints, it does not have the "thermal drift" effect. COMPM5b In January 2019, the CompM5s sibling was unveiled, where the battery compartment was moved closer to the mount base. This decreased the overall profile of the sight and increased the shooter's field of view The latest and most interesting version of the CompM5 officially appeared at Milipol 2019 in Paris. The CompM5b, also known as CompM5 Bravo, is based on CompM5s but has removable turrets adjusted for different calibers and the quick adjustment of the point of aiming. The first Aimpoint sight with such features in the history of the company. And here comes the first controversy. First sight with adju- stable point of aim? All the sights had this feature already. Well, that's true but with the Aimpoint CompM5b, this opera- tion is possible without removing the knob covers, and can be done simply by hand. The second controversy - why does the red dot even need the capability to compensate for ballistic drop? After all, with a zero-magni- fication red dot, you do not shoot at long distances, don't you? Well, maybe not with the red dot itself, but the Aimpoint has two magnifiers mounted just behind the primary sight! The 3xMag-1 has 3x magni- fication, while its bigger brother, 6xMag-1, provides a 6x magnification. The use of magnifiers significantly increases the effective range of the shot, even up to 600 meters. Aimpoint offers tilt mounts for them, thanks to which the user can decide whether to use the red dot only or needs an additional magnification - to hit a distant target or to positi- vely ID it. As with earlier Swedish red dots, there is practical- ly no parallax effect, with or without magnifiers.

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