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The pants legs will not restrict movements due the stretch inserts. I had some con- cerns about their durability but after a year of use they are still working. I was aware about the insert on the butt but it does not have any signs of significant wear. The fabric is breathable, so you are not going to sweat your ass up. There are adjustment flaps just below the knee joint and on the bottom of hem. Cordura reinforcements on the knees will prevent any tear and wear during kneeling. The fabric will not soak so quickly too. I am not using the pads with inserts as I prefer the knee pads. Pockets are great, maybe except the lack of the rear pockets which I use quite of- ten in different pants. Personally I think about this as a disadvantage. The rest is the common setup. Slash hip pockets have reinforced edges for carrying a knife with a clip. The cargo pockets with stowable flaps might be an alternative for dump pouch or might be used as a quick access pocket. There is a mesh vent inside the pocket. Does it work? Dunno. The stowable flap combined with the elastic edge of the pocket works definitely. The front thing pockets are zippered. My iPhone 11 with UAS case fits perfectly. In the second one I carry my wallet and documents. In the lower pockets I keep dip, snuff, baby wipes. Vanguard combat shirts are simple and quite usual, maybe except the additional spine panel. All seams are flat so there is absolutely no chafing. The cut and fabrics make the shirt "stick" to the body without compromising the mobility. The bicep pock- ets are flat to prevent snagging but quite roomy. The collar is lined with Polartec knit and has a short ¼ zipper. Looks as good as it works. Elbows were enforced with Cordu- ra fabric and there are pockets for elbow pads. Cuffs have Velcro closure. Moisture wicking and breathability – top notch. Shirt dries pretty quickly. Tiny details such as barely visible embroidered DA logos are a nice touch. Color fastness. Remember old cotton BDUs? It will fade and there will be more fad- ing on the threads. A vintage vibe! Price tag? What you pay is what you get. You pay extra for quality products. Your choice. I would put my money on Vanguards.

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