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At the very beginning I was worried about sticking the Velcro on the gun but the industry-grade adhesive is so strong that once slapped on the side it doesn't show any signs of going off even after multiple rapid rippings of the shell pan - el. Even if somewhere in the future glue will wear out, there is no problem buy- ing a matching piece of adhesive Velcro onc e again and replacing an old one with it, right? It is important to prepare the surface before putting adhesive on the side – I've seen situations where it was cleaned with extraction naphtha but not so well because the Velcro went off along with the shell panel during the first attempt of ripping it off. I cleaned my shotgun with strong alcohol for optics cleaning from ProTech Guns and the ad - hesive panel stays as it's been welded. Velcro and shell panels are made in different color variants, camouflage in- cluded (if there are elastic bands avail- able in it). What we receive are 3 panels in total – one is mounted on the shotgun but what can we do with remaining ones? The idea behind them is to have them pre - pared and during quick zombie or target elimination replace the empty one with a full one. Of course they can be velcroed on the gear we are currently running (PC, chest rig etc) but GTG offers two pouch - es for those panels. First one looks similar to a standard AR mag pouch with a flap and fastex buckle. And in reality it is almost as it looks like. Inside, it is divided into 2 compartments, each keeping one loaded panel in place or single AR magazine. Smoother and thinner is better – the best are classic aluminium mags (or similar), modern plastic ones go in slightly harder but still everything works quite well (Lancer L5-AWM mags are almost as standard aluminium ones and the hardest is with PMAGs and similar ones). So if we don't use a shotgun we don't have to change our gear configuration but only use a shell pouch as an AR mag pouch (only AR mags, if you have an AK or similar sized mags, well, what a shame). Stan - dard pouch has an elastic band in the middle of the height, which is meant to keep mags inside stable, and a buckle on

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