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We have interviewed the Founder of GROM ART company to find out a little bit more about their custom memorabilias focused around Polish GROM special missions unit.: 1. Where did the idea come from? For many years I have been passionate about military history and special operation forces in particular. Polish GROM SMU and other foreign units. I am an avid collector of GROM, "Our Na- tion's finest", gear and equipment. I came to this moment where the collecting became just a hoarding and wasn't satisfying anymore. So I came up with an idea of showing my collection to the public and to establish a GROM Military Unit Museum. It should be an open-access public mu- seum in a convenient location. This idea is still alive but it will take some time to materialize. Simultaneously I've had an idea of creating a series of scale figures based on the authentic GROM operators. With realistic kit and armament. The 30th anniversary of unit activation was an ex- cellent opportunity to summarize and to demon- strate the changes in The Unit in the past thirty years. GROM was always on the tip of the spear. It is an elite unit and it was always ahead of other units. The scale figures and statuettes are exam- ples of different combat areas and crucial mo- ments of The Unit existence and development. Examples of particular operators in very specif- ic deployments or training. There is also a mes- sage. The Americans have Delta Force, the British have SAS and we have world famous GROM. It is important to introduce GROM to collectors and scale modelers through the premium quality fig- ures, posters and other related products. It is im- portant to talk "about Boys from Mars" (the Unit HQ in on the Mars street in Warsaw). These are the patriotic and collectors reasons for founding GROM ART.

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