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and forces available, or means, and forces that could reach the scene in minutes. One cannot really run away from answering the question, as to how the Polish uniformed ser- vices would respond to a situation as such. Undoubtedly, the patrol Police would reach the scene first - similarly as it happened in Austria. Surely, they would confirm that any phone calls reaching the 112 number are no joke, and would inform the Police station of the event. They could also try to provide first aid to the wounded and separate the perimeter. In some cases, the first responders have managed to stop the terrorist act dead in its tracks. This happened in the case of the recent attack in Nice, where Taser and pistol-equipped mu- nicipal Police stopped the attacker using a knife. At the same time, there is still one more open question remaining here: would the officers, armed with pis- tols alone, not always wearing bal- listic protection, be able to effec- tively stop a determined terrorist armed with a rifle, also potentially wearing an explosive device? On the other hand, waiting for the CT unit to arrive - as in the Polish context - could be a long-running process. The events that happened in Vienna, and the aforesaid London Bridge attack, do show that an intermediary option mentioned in one of the previous volumes of the FRAG OUT! Magazine may be an effective solution here. A team of several persons, trained and equipped to act against armed and dangerous perpetrators, is a critical asset in circumstances described in the present article. Whether the above teams would be deployed by the CT units, or by the specialized intervention/riot Police elements, shall be a subject of further analysis. Nonetheless, capabilities as such shall be made available in Poland, at least in the locations where the lev- els of threat tend to be highest. ANALIZA

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