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T he military rifle (C16 FB-A2) is now delivered with new accessories and it seems that semi-automatic sporting vari- ants (S16/S10) will come with new pistol grip. But the new accesso- ries are now also available for sep- arate purchase. The complete kit consists of pistol grip, vertical front grip (VFG), rail coverts (short, long, bottom) and hand stop (aka barricade stop). All parts are made from rugged poly- mer. PISTOL GRIP The pistol grip has a 16-degree angle and is comfortable to han- dle. It has a distinctive shape with "bulge" in the rear for better fitting in the palm and increased controls. In the top part there are thumb-rests. In the lower part there is a slight bevel that stops the palm from slip- ping. Grip is hollow inside – it may be used as a spare batteries com- partment. Or for Skittles or M&M's. Sides are aggressively checkered for increased traction. The front and rear have serrations for better grip. The new pistol grip is compatible with AR-15 rifles even though the MSBS/GROT has different safety switches. Good job, now you can use the same grip not only in MSBS/ GROT. There are already some pho- tos floating in the web with.

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