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What can be found are commonly expanded information from Wikipedia with legends about miraculous properties. Usually, there is lack of any valuable information, sources etc. Thus why I decided to compile all this available knowledge into a single story. I used multiple different articles and interviews available in the internet (where it is hard to say who first created a particular theory) as well as more precise, subject related magazines or other sources like Jerzy Piaskowski's "Old Damascus steel in terms of modern metal science" (History of science and technology 11/3 1966 quarterly journal ) and book "About Damascus steel" of the same author as well as translations of fragments of "Handbuch der Eisenhuttenkunde" textbook by C. J. B. Karsten. Let's begin with an explanation of what was that miraculous steel which the secret of creation was strictly secured. First of all let's specify that the term Damascus steel is very misleading and imprecise. story & photo: Piotr Blachowski

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