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Page 7 of 185 Another solution is the TOPAZ Integrated Combat Manage- ment System that was designed in order to increase the speed of the process of turning informational advantage into faster and more effective military decisions and ensure precise ac- tions with maximum use of all available assets. WB GROUP's engineers and constructors designed a system enhancing sit- uational awareness and crisis response capabilities according to the OODA (Observe Orient Decide Act) loop. TOPAZ variants are tailored to meet unique and specific requirements of the end-user. The WB GROUP has a proven track of TOPAZ deliver- ies where the local partners were involved. During IDEX 2021, the FlyEye modular recce UAS was present- ed. The FlyEye might be also deployed as an airborne commu- nication relay asset. The larger FT5 UAS was also announced during the expo. The offer of loitering ammunition by WB GROUP always attracts attention of visitors in both man-por- table WARMATE and larger WARMATE 2 variant requiring suitable launchers to take off. In addition, the company also offers the SWARM system combining surveillance and strike capabilities. Thus, it integrates the loitering ammunition with the C4I system. After the recent conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, such solutions are gaining immense popularity. The SWARM has already passed all the tests and has been deployed by the armed forces of an undisclosed country. FONET FONET Digital Communication Platform. Comprising a sin- gle scalable, modular and platform-agnostic solution, FONET hardware allows end users to select the most appropriate mis- sion-relevant C4I configurations for tactical ground vehicles. Digital communication platform FONET hardware, when inte- grated on board a ground vehicle, provides end users with the ability to operate a variety of mission capabilities to enhance connectivity and situation awareness; provide accessibility to lethal and non-lethal effectors; and reduce decision-making and targeting cycles at the lowest tactical level. This aggregation of C4ISTAR systems from across the bat- tlespace not only enhances the operational effectiveness of small unit teams but also provides redundancy levels in data pathways particular relevant to missions conducted in Com- mand and Control Disrupted or Denied environments (C2D2Es) similar to those currently being witnessed in eastern Europe. Specifically designed to support the generation and manage- ment of a Collaborative Operating Picture (COP), FONET en- ables ground forces to operate C4ISTAR configurations across any platform agnostic tactical ground vehicle employed on the battlefield. FONET can integrate C4ISTAR, battle management, fire control systems and other specialist applications into a single end user interface. Networking together the multiple electronic components of a tactical ground vehicle, FONET hardware can be used to sup- port both inter- and intra-team voice and data communica- tions while also providing additional reach back to TOC or HQ. TOPAZ TOPAZ Integrated Combat Management System is a complete and integrated command, command and reconnaissance system designed to support commanders and soldiers. It is a modular suite of applications designed to give command- ers at every level a full control over the situation on the bat- tlefield. The system is constantly being developed, experience in operation has allowed us to introduce functions related to reconnaissance sensors such as radars, optoelectronics and passive reconnaissance, command, logistics and UAS con- trol. TOPAZ is compatible with systems used by Allied forces thanks to NATO standard protocols (including MIP, NFFI, NVG and JCHAT) and digital maps display. The TOPAZ system has been thoroughly tested in real combat situations. FLYEYE FLYEYE mini UAV is a modular system characterized by the ease of assembly and disassembly. Launch readiness can be achieved in less than 10 minutes. Hand-launch with no addi- tional equipment which allows it to be operated in tight spaces and confined areas. The surveillance payload with two cameras (visible light and IR) attached under the fuselage of the FLYEYE mini UAV pro- vides significantly better observation options and a function for rapid switching between the two video feeds. FLYEYE al-

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