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N E W U N I F O R M S 1 1 7 / D K W S P O L S O F A . D . 2 0 2 0 S T O R Y A N D P H O T O S : B A R T O S Z S Z O Ł U C H A Until now, Special forces were using "SF training overalls" in different versions, made mostly in camouflage commonly called Suez (and in reality, it was alpha- numeric code that was changing with the procurement process) that was a Polish derivative of US Crye Precision Multicam pattern. The FR variant was instead de- livered in original Multicam camouflage printed on Tencate's Defender-M fabric. Why are two piece "SF overalls" aren't cal- led uniform? Simple, to get around regula- tions which precisely state what is a mili- tary uniform and what is no and to ignore the need of fulfilling all requirements of procuring a uniform that take enormous amounts of time. "SF overalls" were intro- duced by using a "back door". WTU 117/DKW was created, as mentioned earlier, in January 2019 – the first order of those uniforms (4,775 sets) was published in 2019 but there was no one to provide those. In July 2020 it was reannounced and in October 2020 the best bid was cho- sen – by the way, the selected company had time to deliver 4,720 sets until 30 No- vember 2020, not much, but it seems they made it. Total value of the procurement is 5 544 348 PLN gross which gives a price of 208€ net per set. In July 2020, on Polish public tenders web page, the 133/2020 "Delivery of equipment and uniform items for Special Forces and Military Police" procure- ment was announced. Nothing out of ordinary as it seems because uniforms and boots are ordered every year by 3rd Regional Logistics Base supplying SOF in such items but after a quick look it appeared that "SF camouflage uniform" is not exactly the same that we are used to. The military specification WTU 117/ DKW from 29th of January 2019 is an entirely new POLSOF uniform .

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