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C ouple years ago, the world was obsessed with digital pixel camouflage patterns and Multicam (BTW, Multicam was unveiled in 2002, almost two decades ago). Now it seems that old camo patterns are back. Two-three years back the M81 Woodland camouflage pattern aka God's Plaid was the big thing and many gear companies have released limited (sometimes even extremely limited) batches of their products in this pattern. Now, it seems that Woodland is back to ma- instream and tactical fashionistas have to look de- eper. What's the big thing now? The grid-patterned Desert Night Camouflage (totally ineffective against even early gen NODs but cool looking) and legenda- ry Tigerstripes (or Tiger Stripes). The guys at Heli- kon-Tex jumped on that train too and now we have SFU NEXT Mk2 tactical pants in "Nam-style" pattern. NOSTALGIA MARKETING IS THE THING. TAKE A GOOD LOOK AROUND AND YOU WILL SEE THAT 1980S VIBES ARE EVERYWHERE. CLOTHING, DESIGN, FASHION. EVEN FREDDY MERCURY 'STACHES ARE BACK. TACTICAL GEAR IS ALSO ABOUT FIGHTING WITH STYLE TOO SO ALL THE COOL GUYS HAVE TO DRESS UP ACCORDINGLY TO THE CURRENT FASHION TRENDS. S T O R Y B Y / P H O T O S : B A R T O S Z S Z O Ł U C H A

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