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The ZSSW-30/RTCS-30 design dates back to the early days of the Rosomak APC development, covered in detail in the previous issues of the FRAG OUT! magazine. Let us recall - the program may be viewed as a success for the soldiers on the battlefield, during foreign deployments of specific nature. The domestic portion was ambiguous. Some aspects, such as the polonization of the Patria AMV platform, could have been viewed as a success. Some domains, however, were problematic - as the lack of a systemic nature of the APC program as a whole, or the problems tied to the Hitfist-30P turret system. It needs to be said that the Hitfist- 30P turret is not a bad product. When it comes to its design and primary armament, it has been a quite successful product. Compared to its counterparts, it may be said that it is not worse than average solutions in its class. One should remember that the turret in question was designed in 1986, with an assumption that it would be equipped with less potent weaponry. Furthermore, the decisions made by the Polish Ministry of Defence also had an impact on the decrease of its capabilities, when compared to the original offering. The "Afghan" upgrades came next, along with the specific nature of the Polish requirements. This resulted in some issues discussed in the previously published articles. These issues were being resolved in a consequent manner. The lack of IP rights tied to the license-manufactured Italian turrets was a major, and obvious limitation. Any attempt made to upgrade the Hitfist-30P turret was challenging and costly, due to the necessity to make arrangements It goes without doubt, that the ZSSW-30 remote control turret system (Zdalnie Sterowany System Wie┼╝owy 30 or RCTS-30 - Remote Control Turret System 30). is the most advanced product manufactured by the Polish defense industry, that has been developed over the course of a 7-years effort. Despite being developed without any prior experience in this domain, the capabilities of the new turret are surprising, placing it among the best solutions in this area, globally. Not only has this been made possible thanks to the consequence, but also thanks to the synergistic effort between HSW S.A., and the WB Group. The joint effort resulted in the development of a very successful unmanned turret.

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