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FRAG OUT! has published numerous articles on terrorism and counter- terrorism. Some of our readers might have asked themselves a question, when reading them: Is Poland a place where the terrorist threat is present? Or have any acts of terror happened here already? For that reason, it is worth reading the report published by the Polskie Towarzystwo Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego (PTBN - Polish Association for National Security). The report covers the terrorist threats in Poland and associates them with related international trends. As we may know, Poland has not been a venue where terrorist acts comparable to ones that happened in France, the UK, or Norway were taking place. Some cases of political violence have been recorded. However, not every attack targeted at a politician is viewed, by Polish law, as an act of terror. And it's another way round as well - an act seemingly without a political context could be defined as an act of terror. Furthermore, sometimes the judges cannot come to a clear judgment - also in the case of persons who are suspected or accused of actions that seem to belong in the realm of terrorism. The events that have been defined as acts of terror in Poland can usually be viewed as an intended attack, or as activities aimed at supporting other operations or organized groups. For many years, the case of the late Brunon K. has been the most prominent one. He was arrested in November 2012, with a charge of preparing an act of terror that was to take place during an assembly of the Polish parliament that would also see involvement on the part of the President of Poland - poewrful IED was to be the tool of trade here. On December 21st, 2015 District Court in Kraków issued a judgment sentencing him to 13 years in prison. Two years later another judgment was published, with the time in prison being reduced to 9 years. In June 2016, Wojciech K., 57 years old, a professional soldier, was arrested. 25 firearms, 5 kilograms of explosives, and 24,000 rounds of ammunition have all been

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