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Since great power competition is competition between nation states, that means that future war may be seen as more dependent on fighters, cruise and ballistic missiles, unmanned systems of various types and electronic war- fare. End of Afghanistan engagement shall not affect them in a negative way. It may have a positive effect, since de- mand for airstrikes and CAS missions shall be reduced, reducing wear of equipment and allowing for more en- gagement in other missions. Money not spent on the Af- ghan war may be spent on new weapons. The most important issue is however not having weap- ons but having the will to use them. Again, there is a question how Afghan experience shall influence not the foreign American policy, but domestic one, that includes election results and decision of leaders. They may be much more reluctant to use military power in the future. Finally there is one already visible effect of Afghani- stan. The footage of chaos at the airport, the perception of possibility of sudden withdrawal may have a powerful effect on not only American public opinion but interna- tional one. While photos and videos do not affect capa- bilities of cruise missiles and stealth bombers, they may affect perception of people and undermine trust in Amer- ican and more generally Western military capabilities and decisions of leaders. So, there is sure that in information wars, internet trolls and disinformation spreaders will get new ammunition. 10

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