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the WB GROUP. In his opinion, the side of potential conflict that retains the ability to communicate will have the advantage, i.e. avoid recognition and interference more effectively, and elimi- nate the enemy's electronic warfare systems. The system of the WB GROUP answers to most of the challeng- es posed by electronic warfare systems (EW) by the extensive use of mini and tactical-class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The small-sized, almost impossible to detect loitering munition with detectors may "play with the force of the opponent" and use the strong emission signatures of jamming stations to guide rel- atively cheap effectors. It is about gaining an electromagnetic advantage, because currently staying undetected is becoming the basis of military operations. W2MPIR allows to increase the range of radio communications with a limited level of elec- tromagnetic (EM) emissions, making it difficult to detect com- munication of own troops (only on the example of the REGINA artillery element, the radio emission power can be decreased 3,000 times), image reconnaissance and the electromagnetic spectrum reconnaissance used to identify and locate EW sys- tems , directing the fire of barrel and missile artillery against EW targets, carrying out kinetic attacks on EM emission sourc- es, simulating air targets (air threat decoys) for radar systems and conducting saturation attacks on strongly protected targets, mainly against A2A system sensors. W2MPIR is independent of the GPS signal, so it is resistant to any attempts of jamming. W2MPIR is a synergic combination of the well-known and proven solutions of the WB GROUP such as WARMATE and WAR- MATE 2 loitering munition, FLYEYE and FT-5 UAS and U-GATE ob- servation & command system in a coherent system enabling si- multaneous cooperation of almost unlimited number unmanned platforms. FLYEYE and FT-5 UAVs can carry out reconnaissance operations, detect and jam EM sources or serve as radio trans- mitters (nodes) increasing the effective range of communica- tion, and the flight of WARMATE loitering munition towards the target can take place in complete radio silence. The final stage of control, just before the attack, can be taken over by the operator of the U-GATE system, which is practically impossible to detect. U-GATE U-GATE Dismounted observation & command system is a C4ISR-E(xtended) system which enables Special Forces op- erators to direct strikes from loitering munitions. The U-GATE system enables the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) loop to be enacted by small groups of soldiers. The U-GATE system incorporates observation, analysis and strike abilities into one device and allows for full independence of Special Forces units. Therefore, small combat groups can operate completely autono- mously in difficult to access or isolated areas using the U-GATE system. U-GATE includes a headset that uses Augmented Reality (AR) Technology providing Special Forces with the ability to visualize the battlefield and add information or markers that can instantly be viewed in both their and other operative's field of view. The use of augmented reality is a new and exciting development for the modern battlefield, and WB Group is leading the way in pro- viding the technology. Augmented reality will enable quick and efficient access to data for each soldier without the need to look away from the battlefield towards the screen on a handheld de- vice. Also, augmented reality will make it easier for soldiers to 13 ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES

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