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reconnaissance systems, and contamination sensors. The mod- ular construction allows for easy transport and is ready-to-fly in 30 minutes The new version of the muli-role FT-5 UAV thanks to the hybrid engine solution, can spend up to 4 hours in the air longer than with traditional combustion engines. The flight speed is 100–110 kph, and the maximum operational altitude is 5,000 m. The range of the UAV is 180 km. Both versions of FT-5 with combustion engines or the hybrid one can take off and land auto- matically, from the hardened runaway, and the hybrid version can also take off from the launcher. The FT-5 could be equipped with a new optoelectronic payload with a 3840x2160 CMOS day cam- era, air cooled 640x512 thermal imaging camera, laser rangefind- er and a laser target pointer. An intelligent unmanned swarm can also be used, for example, during the operations of special forces as an airborne ammuni- tion storage. It allows one or more WARMATE munitions to be provided to troops on the ground, which can "wait" in the air for hours before engaging selected targets. The W2MPIR system, also known as the "Vampire", is an ad- vanced solution with a wide range of applications, entirely de- signed and manufactured in Poland. 15 ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES

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