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T he latest and most probably the final version of Fabryka Broni MSBS/GROT assault rifle grenade launcher has two variants: un- der-barrel and stand-alone. The grenade launcher has a classic design layout when compared to the early stage when it was ini- tially a bull-pup type grenade launcher where the trigger group was moved to the front of the barrel. The reshaped weapon we have featured in Frag Out! #13, can be converted from under-barrel to stand-alone configuration which was ultimately presented during the closed demo for Polish military customers in late 2020. According to engineers, there are some improvements over the legacy var- iant such as lower height of the rifle with grenade launcher attached which increase useability when firing in a prone supported stance, when the barrel is placed on the surrounding elements. Shooter silhouette can be minimized. The rifle with this version of grenade launcher definitely looks smoother and follows the lines of the MSBS assault rifle. The outer scales where slightly redesigned and checkered anti-slip panels were added for better grip and looks (similar to GROT A2 version grip serrations). The redesigned grenade launcher matches the rifle perfectly and is less futuristic than the bull-pup one. Basica manual is very simple and intuitive. The rifle's magwell with magazine doubles as a grenade launcher grip. Safe- ty switch and barrel locking button are doubled so the launcher is fully ambi- 40 Take Two launcher grenade mike-mike MSBS Projects of Fabryka Broni Łucznik-Radom, main Polish manufacturer of small arms, are usually shrouded in secrecy and the company is releasing only limited information about some of these programs. For the MSPO 2021 Fabryka Broni will unveil the latest 40 mike-mike grenade launched. 40

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