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NGSW: NEXT GENERATION SQUAD WEAPON The Next Generation Squad Weapon is presumably one of the most im- portant firearms procurement programs in the last decade. Definitely, it is the most ambitious one. The main consideration of the NGSW is devel- opment and introduction of the advanced weapon system consisting of "smart" weapon sight, 6.8mm rifles and 6.8mm lightweight ammuni- tion. The NGSW should be able to defeat individual ballistic protec- tion on up to 600 m distance, way over the physical capabilities of 5.56 or 7.62 NATO rounds. The potential success of NGSW might change the future development of firearms for decades. STORY: J A N M O S Z C Z U K FOTO: F R A G O U T ! A R C H I V E S T he ultimate goal of NGSW is the introduction of an ad- vanced individual weapon system for the US Army. The system should consist of two parts, the advanced smart fire control systems and two new rifles. The NGSW-R is a planned replacement for the M4A1 assault rifle and the NGSW-AR should replace the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (aka SAW). This article focuses on the NGSW firearms proposals from fol- lowing companies which were down selected for second phase of program: Textron Systems (with Heckler & Koch and LMT) General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems (with Beretta USA and Delta P Design) SIG Sauer 48

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