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S T O RY BY : B A R TO S Z S Z O Ł U C H A , M A R C I N LO T KO W S K I P H O T O : M I C H A Ł S I TA R S K I T he P320 family of pistols is a SIG Sauer first serial- produced polymer-frame striker-fired handgun system. It was unveiled in 2014 but it was not a first attempt at "plastic guns" as the P2022 was first SIG's handgun with polymer frame (but hammed- fired). The P320 was designed as a duty pistol for military and law enforcement users. I n 2017 P320-based pistols were chosen by US Armed Forces in the XM17 Modular Handgun System program as the replacement of the venerable Beretta M9 pistol which was in service for around forty years, first adopted in 1985.

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