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Page 101 of 125 F or a long time my STAG ac- tually remained unchanged, just like out of the box, and the only addition was the early USGI carrying strap, the same as the M4 carbine came with. Then two things happened - I managed to buy by chance, at a very good pri- ce, a 1981-dated Colt 4x20 scope (in original box) dedicated for M16 rifle carrying grip and a friend lent me the original Knight's Armament Company MIL-STD-1913 rail for the M4 carbine. Colt's scope deserves a separate story. I bought it with the idea of putting it on top of my M16A1 as it was originally designed for but when I put it on the STAG out of curiosity, I decided that this setup looks really nice. What's more, it increases the fun of shooting, as it allows you to shoot tight groups at 100 m, and this despite shooting 55 gr ammunition from a 1:7 thre- aded barrel. Therefore, I decided to leave it on my M4, especially since I rarely use the M16A1 due to its almost mint condition and the fact that it's a purely collector's gun for occasional shooting. Then, the original KAC quad rail landed on my M4, along with the à la "early OEF " STORY AND PHOTOS: MICHAŁ SITARSKI MORE THAN A YEAR AGO I BOUGHT A STAG 15 M4 RIFLE, WHICH I REVIEWED IN OUR MAGAZINE A WHILE AGO. THERE I MENTIONED THAT IT WAS TO REMAIN UNMODIFIED AS CLOSE TO THE ORIGINAL M4 AS THE CIVILIAN GUN CAN BE. WELL, I ALMOST MANAGED TO KEEP MY PROMISE.

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