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FIREARMS vertical front grip. It took about three mi- nutes to disassemble the factory hand- guard and put on the KAC M4 RAS (Rail Adapter System), with no tools required and no change in the carbine's design, so the condition of "not modifying the weapon" remained basically fulfilled. Well, besides, the carbine was still a "mi- litary" M4, only already in a slightly youn- ger version. After some time I had to return the hand- guard and the grip, but even then I knew that I had to have one. In the meantime I managed to buy a ITPIAL box, the old-school AN/ PEQ-2 target indicator/illuminator (already replaced in service with newer ones). The gun started to look even more awesome. The PEQ-2 mount won't interfere with the standard iron sights of the gun. Of course, these are not meant

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