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campaign in Ukraine, aimed at the elimination of this ideology from all of the Ukrainian public sphere - similarly, as it did in Germany, back in the 1940s. To restore the natural, original state of this area, Russians claim that Russian identity and culture shall be reintroduced there. Denazification of Ukraine translates into severe repressions and Deukrainization of that state, aimed at destroying the Ukrainian national identity, and those promoting forming of that identity. The above refers to the national political, cultural, academic, military, and economic elites. This is what is hidden by the term „Denazification" when it comes to the Russian plans made concerning Ukraine. And as one may conclude, summing up all four sections above, the Russians may not view such actions as unjust, or aggressive. It is exactly another way around - from the Russian point of view, the Russians are restoring order within an area separated from Russia by adverse, foreign forces, just liquidating the adverse influence there. In that way, an ordinary Russian citizen has a coherent view of the world that remains adverse toward Russia. His state is a stronghold under siege, that needs to be defended. And as the war has shown, most of the Russians are ready to defend that stronghold, accepting that view of the world around them. ANALYSIS

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