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EXTRAGUARD upper technology: Is light, stays light and dries quickly Conventional military boots are rather heavy and not very comfortable. In ad- dition, the water-repellent impregnation wears off as the product's service life increases. Another problem is re-drying: it can take many hours before com- bat boots are completely dry again. If the boots have to be worn again when wet, this can draw heat from the body - resulting in cold feet. The innovative EXTRAGUARD upper material technolo- gy for military combat boots combines the advantages of a robust upper ma- terial with those of lightweight, flexible and breathable textiles for the first time. EXTRAGUARD upper material sets new standards for combat boots: when dry, it is 40 percent lighter than dry le- ather of the same thickness. As EXTRA- GUARD upper material absorbs less moisture from the outside, it remains light even when wet for long periods and dries considerably faster. EXTRA- GUARD upper material is also flame-re- tardant. Combination of EXTRAGUARD upper material and GORE-TEX bootie The EXTRAGUARD upper material unfolds its full benefits in combination with the GORE SEAMĀ® tape and the GORE-TEX bootie. The EXTRAGUARD upper itself consists of three layers: a highly abrasion-resistant and flame-re- tardant outer protective layer, a func- tional layer for physical protection and an inner construction layer with low water absorption. During the manufac- ture of GORE-TEX combat boots, it is sealed with GORE SEAMĀ® tape so that no moisture can penetrate through the seams. The upper material is integrated into the boot with the internal, durably waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX bootie. The GORE-TEX bootie construc- tion ensures that the boot is perma- nently waterproof, even if the water-re- pellent waterproofing wears off or the upper material is damaged. The multifunctional GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD product technology for the military, source: W. L. Gore & Associates 41 EQUIPMENT

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