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Super's review The model called Signal has two new functions. Those are a whistle and a fire striker. All of this has been cleverly placed in one element made from a yellow material. The producer's website does not show any information that would mention the specific outdoor activity that the multitool can be used for. There is, then, no information that the tool has been designed for people who like survival, outdoor or regular tourist activities. Maybe it has been a good idea. Why? The tool itself is really well-made. It is perfectly aligned with high ergonomic design. The selection of tools if excellent. Still, there is one „but" and it refers to the fire striker. First of all, size does matter. Yes, yes. In the case of some things in this world, the size does matter. As, for example, in the case of a fire striker. The smallest fire strikers that are of any use have a diameter of 5 mm. In the case of Signal, this means less than 5 mm. But that is not that impor- tant. It is significant that the fire striker was placed in the grip of the material that surrounds it in 3/4 of its perimeter. Because of such assembly, we are not able to use the whole length of the fire striker. After a few strokes with a magneto or a saw, I dangerously got close to the plastic teeth that hold the rod in its pla- ce. So the size does matter – few millimeters more in diameter and a different way of placing the fire striker in the grip and the usability of the tool would be much greater. In this case, we have a fire striker for 20–30 uses. So, maybe under perfect conditions it would be possible to light 20 fireplaces. We may claim that we are experts and have great conditions but... its a rather optimistic assumption. Secondly, the grip. Yes, that is the second thing that sucks. On one hand, if we look at Signal, there is not so much room on the arm after you close the pliers. Still, Tim and his friends had to come up with placing a grip that could hold the fire striker and the whistle. As a result, the fire striker is outside and the whistle has been put inside. Because of such a small grip, someone who does not know how to strike properly will have problems with creating a sufficient amount of sparks. If you remember the size of the striking rod, you may now know that in an emer- gency situation you may not be able to light a fire. The grip is just too small and short. Fortunately, it is yellow. When we lose it, it can be easily spotted.

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