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This is most certainly the correct direction. Connecting a fire striker with a knife and pliers is a great idea. Many people do not take separate tools: all types of climbers, tourists, travelers who must think of proper selection of equipment have one tool with various ap- plications. Before you think why the heck a climber would need pliers, just recall all the technical devices that you take with you that may break down. Marek KamiƄski also used a multitool during his expedition to the Poles. Pliers are useful in all places where tech- nical devices may break down. Whether this relates to skis, slides, your tent, or snowshoes, not mentioning more advanced equipment like a scooter, a car etc. Is Signal a good idea? As I have already mentioned, yes, but it must undergo some changes. In the pictu- res, we see the most popular CBC fire striker, which may be used to easily make 100 fireplaces. Do you see the difference in size? Now, Signal may be called an Emergency Survival Kit. When Leatherman would ad- ding fire strikers separately, this would have more sen- se. I am still waiting for a development version, with a larger and more ergonomic fire striker. I can also give a name for it: Leatherman Survival ;) KNIVES & TOOLS

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