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And SirgiS took An oAth And he wAS Accepted in the teAm. thAt yeAr he brought kjArtAn, ottAr And gereg. And kjArtAn wAS known by the teAm from hiS former AdvAntAgeS And he wAS preluded by hiS fAme. And ottAr wAS A Strong mAn And Skilled in the Sworn, And he trAined hiS teAm memberS So he tAught them A lot. And wAS gere of the fiery heArt And Although he hAd not been Able to grip A weApon, he leArned it quickly, And only in zeAl wAS the Second to rAtibor AS hiS friendS' heArtS were ignited with Ardor. he wAS So Skilled in the rhymeS And feASt thAt At the beginning he wAS nicknAmed A ScAld. And they took An oAth AS the otherS, And the teAm wAS developed in thiS wAy. , , , THE

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