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Foto: FragOut As in recent years, on 15th August Day – there was a military parade city of Republic of Poland. As in visitors confirming that such events society. Over 150 vehicles, 50 aircraft and more parade. Over one hour long event with down the main streets was also a huge logistic sent to Warsaw from multiple units in whole over 60-tonnes main battle tanks were present. trucks were used to relocate Also Allies took part in the parade – this time United tanks, M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and vehicles and aircraft used in the Armed Forces Day aircraft, 12 jets, 10 utility aircraft, 45 tanks, 16 or Humvees plus over five dozens of wheeled and tracked Polish Armed Forces honor guard units marched on foot allied countries, four groups of paramilitary organizations, Since pictures are worth a thousand words, please take photo spots and even heavy rain didn't

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