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Page 209 of 221 PHOTO: SitarSki, Szołucha, PłaSSowSki, wiciejowSki Back in the October 2015 the FraG out! team was directly involved in one big project. There were even some sneak peeks on Facebook or Instagram. Several weeks ago it was finally unveiled – we did a marketing video clip for rheinmetall MaN Military Vehicles Gmbh with their aMPV 4x4 armored vehicle as a hero. Long story short: whole video was shot in one single day at WITPS testing facility in Poland. For the whole day we had a real pleasure to work with great filming crew, RMMV guys (Jan, Rene & Klaus), our good friends which acted as a AMPV crew, supported as with logistics ( Wicio!!!) and bring the guns (Dżohar from Semper Fidels shooting company). Without this bunch of crazy people we couldn't make it. Some say that video is cool, so do we, ain't it? And the AMPV itself is awesome ride! The whole project was a good lesson learned for all of us. Lot of effort was put in shooting the scenes and the final cut. The post-production process took quite of time but there was also a lot of fun. Finally we can show you some backstage snapshots of the aMPV video – you won't see this in the clip. You also won't see all the hours we have spent behind the working stations, putting the video together. But we all think it was worth it. We are looking forward for more projects like this!

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