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Page 4 of 221 12 th International Exhibition 200+ Exhibitors International Organisations, Government, Military, Law Enforcement, EMS, Industry and Business Leaders Live demonstration areas (indoor and outdoor) Strategic and Comprehensive CBRN Defence – CBRN Protection, WMD/CBRN Threats WMD Disablement, BMD (Ballistic Missiles Defence), Cyber Defence Civil-Military Cooperation on CBRN Defence R&D, CBRN Medical Countermeasures, Force Health Protection (FHP) Future Threats, Challenges and Opportuni- ties of Advanced Robotic Systems Autonomous Systems and Robotic Swarms – R&D and Future Application Modelling and Simulation of Intelligent Systems – AI Future Soldier/Dismounted Soldier Systems Projects & Lessons Learned Weapon systems, Optics, Sensors, Camoufl age Survivability: Soldier Readiness, Protection, Endurance Mobility, C4I, Power and Connectors Civil-Military Cooperation in Context of WMD/CBRN Defence Protection WMD/CBRN Threats – Terrorism, Cyber Defence in Context of Critical Infrastructure Protection, TIC/TIM, CBRN Reach Back Use of Robotics, Drones, New R&D Projects National and International Views on Future Development of Logistics and Related Technologies Capable Logistician Series Designated Geospatial Information for State Security Forces and Organizations Modern Trends in the Hydrological and Meteorological Support of Armed Forces and Government Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Future Challenges and Opportunities CBRN Medical Countermeasures – Innovative Approach, Pharmaceutical Aspects, Toxicology, Radiobiology Field Medicine – Advanced First Aid, Resuscitation Techniques, Materiel and Pharmacy Support, Robotics R&D in a Force Health Support Cyber Threats and Trends Crisis Management Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Hybrid Warfare POLICY - DIPLOMACY - DEFENCE - SECURITY - R&D - ACADEMIA - INDUSTRY

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