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with a pleasure that their axis is practically on the same axis as the axis of reflex sight. If the reflex sight fails there is no need to change the cheek position that you were used for. I appreciate the reliability of the new gun; this has been proven by our test to the highest degree. For a common infantryman, the best news of all is probably low weight and "smoothness" or the new weapon mentioned in the earlier part of the article. It is obvious that any soldier spends more time by carrying the gun than shooting it. Every gram of weight spared is welcome on long patrols on feet or can enable to carry welcome few more rounds. I have two reservations about the new gun – the stock, when folded, blocks access to the trigger and rear loop of the sling sometimes un- pleasantly pinched my face when I quickly shouldered the gun. The is- sue of the rear sling loop position and shape can be solved by practice, the stock will be modified before BREN 2 reaches a serial production. We all regard the BREN 2 as the gun of great potential where the producer utilized for the best his vast experience. It is a modern gun that, thanks to its modularity, comes ahead to meet individual needs of a client. One can argue if it is proper to use the name BREN again for the new gun. I personally am not convinced about it but – have you ever compared the very first Volkswagen Golf with its today's version? So, you see, this a new generation of the BREN. And it has made a huge step ahead in the right direction. Kaliber / Caliber 5,56 mm x 45 5,56 mm x 45 Długość lufy / Barrel length 207 mm (8") 280 mm (11") Liczba bruzd / Number of furrows 6 6 Skok gwintu / The thread pitch 178 mm prawoskrętny / clockwise 178 mm prawoskrętny / clockwise Masa / Weight 2,95 kg 3,05 kg Długość całkowita* / Overall length * 677 – 725/497 mm 750 – 798/570 mm Szerokość / Width 80/104 mm 80/104 mm Wysokość** / Height ** 234 mm 234 mm Pojemność magazynka / Magazine capacity 30 nabojów / rounds „30 nabojów / rounds Zasięg skuteczny / Effective range 300 m 400 m Szybkostrzelność / Rate of fire 850 strz./min 850 strz./min Wytrzymałość lufy / Strength barrel 20 000 strz. 20 000 strz. Materiał komory zamkowej / Material castle chambers stop aluminium / aluminum alloy stop aluminium / aluminum alloy * kolba rozłożona/złożona / * stock extended/collapsed ** z magazynkiem i bez celownika / ** With a magazine and without sight BREN 2 Basic spEcificatioNs: 8" 11" FIREARMS

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