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Story: Michał SitarSki PHotoS: FraG OUt! Feedback: Marcin LOtkOwSki, Michał SitarSki, BartOSz SzOłUcha the austrian caritnthia owned by Goldeck textil Gmbh has been present on the market for over 40 years. it specializes in insulation and rain garments, as well as sleeping bags. it has earned great respect among its customers, who are mainly representatives of uniformed services and the military. all thanks to high-quality and carefully thought-out designs. the first thing that is immediately associated with carinthia brand is G-LOFt®, the polyester insulation developed in-house by Goldeck textil Gmbh, now also used by famous Fjallraven. THE GUTS G-LoFt® is a synthetic insulation which is an alter- native to a natural down. The G-LOFT bi-component-fiber is permeated with a micrometer fine air channel. As a hollow fiber, it ensures as in nature the fur of polar bears, for op- timum thermal insulation. The fiber consists of two different materials, which contract to varying degrees during cooling after spinning process. This creates a spiral shape - like a spring - which is permanently fixed in the molecular structure. Due to the "MEMORY- eFFect" the G-LoFt insulation returns always to its particularly warm, airy original shape. There is an additional screen of thin aluminum foil the task of which is to reflect warmth into the inside of the coat. G-LOFT® features great elasticity and, consequently, good thermal insulation, nice vapor permeability and low weight, thanks to which it is possible to design lighter clothes and sleeping bags. G-LOFT® fibers do not absorb moisture, so the moisture – in form of steam – might be easily released to the outer layers of the coat. After getting wet, insulation will not loose their insulation properties. G-LoFt® compress pretty well and the flexibility of fibers makes the clothes or a sleeping bags quickly returns to its original shape. This allows to achieve maximum thermal insulation. All those features make the G-LOFT® products great solution for sportsmen or the army (especially SoF) because their equipment must be efficient, yet light and space-saving MIG Several years ago, Caritnhia has introduced MIG (Medium Insulation Garment) jacket, later replaced with second generation. It quickly became popular and some features were improved, one step at the time. In 2016, the third generation of MIG jacket was launched – the MIG 3.0 with lot of enhancements noticeably increasing

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