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LC-2 Belt, Individual Equipment with black Fastex buckle and different adjustment system (since 1991) LC-2 Belt, Individual Equipment with green-gray quick release buckle (since 1981) Summary ALICE history is roughly 45 years now. New individu- al load bearing equipment was issued gradually, so there was nothing surprising in the fact that some of the units in the mid-1980's still used M1956 combined with ALICE (belts, dressing cases). The goal was always to use the equipment reasonably. That is why, e.g. LC-2 belts with the plastic QR buckle did not become common until the "Desert Storm", while belts with the Fastex buckle – in the second half of the 1990's. In 1990-91, the colors of fabrics changed, but it would be almost impossible to find it during First Gulf War. When looking at pictures taken in Bosnia, some may notice the first CG483 canteen covers. CG483 magazines pouches did not become common until the second half of 1990's, but for full kits made in those colors one had to wait until the 2000's. Anyway, stocks of older equipment were always available, so it is nothing uncommon in seeing an LC-1 belt or old OG106 colors still in use. At the beginning of the 1990s, a new IIFS system was introduced, but it was not used in all the units – it was completely insufficient for the needs of paratrooper units. Until recently, ALICE has been the basic equipment used for basic training. Today, it is mainly used by rear units. Belts and canteen covers are still produced, but the MIL-SPEC's describing the other elements have not been canceled. Then, there is a chance that other parts might still be produced in the future. equipment

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